Charlotte Mawle

Co-presenting with Ro Gorell, Build a team in real time

With almost 30 years experience in Organisational Change, IT Service Delivery, and Coaching, Charlotte Mawle has dedicated her career to helping organisations creatively fuse ideas to become resilient and accelerate change.
Having delivered multiple IT and people change projects globally, Charlotte utilises her expertise and a Lean Change approach to help organisations navigate the link between Agile and Organisation Development using feedback driven tools and methods. Her 10 years working in IT, in roles supporting end users to leading global IT projects, gives her a unique combination of people and technical skills. She holds qualifications in Business, Change Management, IT and Management Development and is a certified Agile practitioner and ICAgile Instructor..
Charlotte started Change Optimised with the purpose of helping others create healthy workplaces by focusing on putting people first. This is delivered through training leaders and their teams on effective change, mentoring, facilitation and coaching assignments.
She focuses on resilience using a science-based approach to help people and organisations become fit

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