Eugenio Molini

How to promote Change with more impact and less pain: Art and Craft

It is my heart’s burning desire to experience change processes in which any person can shine with her own light, at the same time that everyone else also does. All too often, the light is dimmed either through demanding of obedience or through expectations of conformity. And with dimmed lights, down goes the chances that the process gets anywhere.

OD-consultant since 1990. His specialty is to design and facilitate transformational processes in which success depends on the collaboration between parties with different perspectives, professions, cultures and even diverging interests. His practice as a consultant follows two lines of work:
• promoting the transformation of bounded structured systems (such as companies, international, national and local organisms, municipalities, etc.) so that they thrive in their fuzzy enmeshed social-ecological environment, and operate in it without wreaking havoc.
• promoting the emergence of robust task-oriented networks in fuzzy and enmeshed systems (such as territories, cities, markets, multi-stakeholder networks, etc.)

Apart from his consulting practice, he is the initiator of of GAIT – “Guild of Agents for Intentional Transformation”, a network of people who commit themselves to support each other to increase the impact of their interventions, while at the same time diminishing the pain they cause to those that will be affected by the changes, and avoiding to put themselves in harm’s way.

He has worked mainly in Sweden and Spain, but also in Africa and Latin America, with national, multinational and global companies; with international, multilateral, national and local organizations.

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