Faith Timbs

Cool Jazz for Flexible Thinking (with Helen Palmer)

“She goes “ba ba dah – ba ba bee – bee dooo bee dooo – be do dum bup ba da”

And she goes “Bee doo doo waa waa, ba dee doo ba ba – ba ba da da!”

And together the unexpected rhythms and sounds they create meld into something new and extraordinary. 

Like the finest jazz band, Helen Palmer and Faith Timbs riff and play off each other to create beautiful conceptual music. 

Having known each other only a short time, and only in the virtual world, they have quickly created a way of working (aka jamming) that sees them share ideas, inspiration and a close collaboration that often resembles the improvisational stylings of jazz music. 

Helen’s sense of whimsy and fun belies her serious change management, business analysis, anthro-complexity, design, strategic thinking and innovation credentials. With decades of experience, she is powerhouse of knowledge with a real mastery of the dark arts of facilitation, whether face-to-face or virtual!

And Faith is her perfect foil, with an equally great sense of fun and the ability to weave her storytelling magic through any experience of change and transformation. As she draws people in with her engaging presentation style, you can see why her almost- 20-year change and communications career is littered with award success. 

Together this improvisational duo love to encourage others to open their minds to more flexible thinking in the world of complexity, and have already been involved in collaborations including the early formation and concept of the Change Community Hub. 

They are hitting the road together with a range of workshops and training that impart top skills in their signature compositional style of “improv for thinkers” and look forward to sharing it with you soon! 

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