Jeffer London

Stimulating conversation

Jeffer London is facilitator for the Center for Creative Leadership and a number of management teams. He sits on the board of the International Association of Facilitators, and writes about dialogue and engagement strategies. He is the go-to-person for top teams who need better dynamics and want to shape the human side of strategy.

Jeffer leads, a research project for groups seeking better dialogue. Using Dialogue Experiments, thousands of groups explored their biggest shared questions – and then debriefed on the experience. The feedback from the experiments is the basis for publications and master classes.

Raised in America, Jeffer lived in Japan, Spain and Italy before settling in Belgium in 1995. In his off time, you may spot him in an art gallery with friends, trekking about, or playing with his cats, Kali and Oreo. See his articles on LinkedIn, Headquarters Magazine, @sharingdialogue or @jefferlondon.

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