Nik Beeson

How Disruption Can Open Opportunity for Curiosity and Connectedness

Nik researches and presents workshops on curiosity, disruption and resilience. He is the director of the Curiosity Culture project, co-founder of Toronto Change Days, and is a core member of the Global Change Days project. He is a Professional Coach with a focus on meaning and purpose, and a Certified Change Agent (ACMP), with 20 years of experience in change and technological migration in the field of Digital Communications.

Previously Nik was a Spiritual Care resident on the Intensive Care Unit, Emergency and Neuro Wards at the Toronto Western hospital, worked in Palliative Care, and was a live-in staff person in homes for the homeless and for people with mental health challenges. His university studies (Theology & Ecology) focused on consciousness, addiction and love. He has cultivated a compassionate, sophisticated and pragmatic approach to identity, limitation and transformation that he applies to his change work with individuals and organisations.

Nik also composes and occasionally performs adventurous and exploratory music, writes prose and poetry, and is an ever-curious practitioner and initiate of Kundalini Yoga, mindfulness awareness and Contact Dance.
He’s also Pop to two marvelous teenage boys.

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