Rebecca Spyker

Zen and the artful science of change

Rebecca Spyker is the Director – Education of the Perth Chapter of the Association of Change Management
Professionals (ACMP). For the last 25 years Rebecca has been a full-time corporate anthropologist, or as more
commonly known in the industry, an Organisational Change Manager. In the last decade, Rebecca has become a much sought-after organisational change management consultant and corporate anthropologist working in a diverse range of industries including Oil and Gas, Mining, Utilities and Government on large scale programs of work.
Also occupying her time variously, a devoted partner for whom she owes a great deal for the love and support her work, three extraordinary rescue dogs who collectively weigh one hundred and thirty kilograms, an eclectic daily practice of Nichiren Zen meditation, Shinto prayer and Huna healing and Rebecca’s first book The Book of Bu – Tails of a Zen Dog – soon to be published.
Born in England, raised, and educated in Australia where she studied both Japanese language & Cultural and
Psychology Anthropology. Rebecca finds lessons from her Zen and Yoga practices are rewarding to both daily practice and to effect subtle and positive transformational change.

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