Sarah Glenister

Convenor and Founder Australasian Change Days

Sarah is passionate about building connection and as a Behaviour Change and Strategy facilitator/consultant she’s learned that we must build connectedness to have any real impact. Connectedness, collaboration and co-creation are the hallmarks of change; and the hallmarks of her practice.


I graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Psychology (Organisational) before spending much of my early career working with refugees and newly arrived migrants on educational and settlement issues as well as torture and trauma, domestic violence, mail order brides and the systems that make it harder for women to leave, this was my first advocacy role and led to changes in policy at the then Dept of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA).

I moved into the Health sector in 2000 working in a Strategic Planning role, co-authoring the WA Country Health Services Review, establishing and managing the Elective Surgery Waitlist Bureau, completing the first capacity modelling for WA hospitals and introduced Performance Agreements for the 15 budget holders in WA Health.

The beginning of my change management experience came in 2007 when I worked with the South Metro Health Service as the ED Workforce and over the next 8 years was responsible for the change management strategy for the reconfiguration of 7 hospitals, opening of a new tertiary hospital and the impact analysis on 15,000 staff.

In 2016 I managed Mental Health service for East Metro Health, established a new statewide Mental Health service for young adults and an award-winning partnership with WA Police.

My love of complexity began in 2018 while working at Minderoo on Flourishing Oceans. My role was to establish the initiative and develop a plan for the next 5 years as well as manage the stakeholder engagement. This was a very exciting initiative to be part of and it enabled me to see the challenges, from a change management perspective, of how to get people to care and engage with issues that are bigger than their experience where they can’t see the benefit directly from a change in their behaviour.

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Change that matters owner Sarah Glenister, is the Founder of Australasian Change Days and is determined to change the world.  Collaboration and co-creation are essential to have impact especially in areas that have no easy solution, a major driver and principle of Change Days.

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