Eliza Quek

Choosing where you want to play – Backcasting your future

Eliza is an international Organisation Development and L&D Facilitator, Mentor and Coach based in Singapore. She brings with her a wealth of Transformational Change experience in both private (MNCs, SMEs) and the public sector (Public Service Reform to enable Malta to enter the European Union; evolving People centred Management culture in Singapore’s Vocational Industrial Training Board; strategic thinking and diversity management, Myanmar government; developing Bhutan’s senior Civil Service Leaders in Values Based Leadership and enabling Ethiopian Airlines to compete effectively within Africa). As internal consultant to Esso Singapore, Exxon Chemicals and Esso Eastern Inc., she helped teams to resolve conflicts and align performances to ensure seamless and synergistic operations.  In Singapore Press Holdings, she established a competency based Performance Management, Talent Development and Succession Planning system.

She enhances leadership competencies in strategic management, including Sun Tzu’s Art of War; issues identification, paradox management; ethics and values based decision making, Moral DNA and crisis prevention (ESG); internationalisation and cultural fluency; strategic networking, political savvy and stakeholder management; developing high value business partnerships; leading through transitions, business and digital transformation; inclusive leadership (DEI); storytelling, executive presence and brand management; conflict resolution; building agile, high performing teams, performance management, courageous conversations, advocacy and inquiry; strategic management of emotions, positive intelligence and Soundwave, messaging to reduce perceived threats and resistance to change; influencing and negotiations; creating climate and cultures that support creative problem solving, intrapreneurship and collaborative innovation; design thinking and rapid prototyping, coaching and mentoring staff. Eliza is Co-Founder of Terrific Mentors International, on Barclays and BP Global Faculty; Affiliate Singapore Management University Academy and Instructor, the Yong Pung How School of Law; Associate of Berlitz/TMC, DGI (Development Group International), Duke CE, Global Excellence, Korn Ferry, Limitless Ltd. Sheridan Worldwide. She earned her M.A. in Manpower Studies from Birkbeck College, University of London.

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