Joan Lurie

Being one and multiple – Rediscovering ourselves through an ecology of roles

Joan Lurie is the Founder and CEO of Orgonomix, an organisation strategy and leadership development consultancy she established in 2008 to help leaders and organisations develop, perform and transform. She is a Fulbright Scholar with a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology.

Joan works with boards, executives and leadership teams to help them to develop systemic intelligence and to design and lead complex adaptive change in their organisations with turnaround results. Working together they emerge new cultures, operating models and
organisational forms.

Joan applies the OrgonomicsTM methodology she created which is most often referred to as
ground-breaking. It’s a novel theory and practice for organisations which integrates strategy, systems thinking, complexity and adult development theory. It provides an ecological ‘map’ for leaders to navigate the unique challenges they face and be fit for the current complex landscape we are in. It enables leaders to fundamentally shift how they take up
their roles; reframe their assumptions, mental maps and ways of knowing and repattern
their organisational systems for new ways of relating and operating to function as coherent

In a nutshell, Joan’s work enables leaders, teams and organisations to liberate themselves
from the constraints and patterns which no longer serve them, but in which they are stuck.
“When I first created OrgonomicsTM my core purpose was to assist leaders and organisations
to develop their systemic and adaptive muscle – to enable them to continuously develop
and grow with complexity. Back then, this was a “nice to have” but now it is an individual
and organisational imperative, one which we have to accelerate for the good of our whole

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