Myah Rom

What stories are we telling ourselves and everyone else about Change? (with Eugenio Molini)

Myah is a Strategic Change and Transformational leader with deep experience in delivering complex change within challenging and diverse environments. She incorporates new concepts and ways of working to deliver change in a fit for humans way and has a unique ability to quickly develop effective, trusting relationships.

Myah’s experience across learning and development, organisational change and consulting spans industries including aviation, finance, insurance and all levels of Government, providing a strong foundation to create a new way to facilitate Change in organisations for a better human outcome.

A frequent participant of the Berlin Change Days, Myah co-designed and co-facilitated an experiential workshop in 2019 that took a human centric approach to understanding bias and utilising empathy to deliver fit for humans change.

Myah was a founding team member of Australasian Change Days and part of the #acdc2020 and #acdc2021 team.


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Change that matters owner Sarah Glenister, is the Founder of Australasian Change Days and is determined to change the world.  Collaboration and co-creation are essential to have impact especially in areas that have no easy solution, a major driver and principle of Change Days.

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Welo is for people. We help unleash human talent and creativity by empowering users to create a workspace that is limited only by their imaginations. Founded in 2020, Welo is currently used in over 100 countries and its team is distributed across the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

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Allegra Consulting was founded in 2005 with Change and Transformation at our core. Our vision is to be the market-leading Change and Transformation consulting and recruitment business in Australia. We partner with clients to provide the frameworks, expertise and resources to deliver sustainable enterprise-wide cultural change and transformation.

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We understand human behaviour and what drives performance, in your organisation and in your people. We bring out the best in you, your people and your communities in a way that connects. We believe that connection is central to strong cultures, strong teams and strong leaders serving their customers and communities.

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