Rhys Paddick & Emma Gibbens

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Rhys is an advocate of cultural leadership and the development of sound educational and training programs; working in environments that can and do create holistic, healthy and substantial changes. Rhys’s career in long-term networks began with educational support and mentoring programs of Aboriginal youth, both in primary and secondary schools. His focus now is to bring a modern adaptation of traditional indigenous culture into the wider Australian forum in an effort to connect Australians with our common culture – people culture.

Emma inspires people to take action and create inclusive change through the use of training, conversations and strategic campaigns. Emma’s energetic, playful and dynamic approach enables everyone to participate and belong, creating change that sticks. She believes transformative change occurs through iteration, by walking together on common ground in a shared direction. Emma has managed political and advocacy campaigns across the US and around the world for over 12 years, specialising in building successful grassroots movements.

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Change that matters owner Sarah Glenister, is the Founder of Australasian Change Days and is determined to change the world.  Collaboration and co-creation are essential to have impact especially in areas that have no easy solution, a major driver and principle of Change Days.

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We clarify the complexities of organisational change using engaging videos and visuals that bring change to life. Whether it's an organisation-wide transformation, that key initiative everyone talks about or a tech-heavy IT project, we've helped them all to 'get visual' and share their key messages.

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