Welcome to Australasian Change Days 2021

September 9 to September 11, 2021

Our theme for #acdc2021 is Steering into and embracing complexity

Key Dates and times for #acdc2021

Join us in the afternoon (GMT+8) of Thursday the 9th September for the launch of #acdc2021 with a Dave Snowden and our first round of 3 workshops.

Our second session will be in the afternoon (GMT+8) of Friday where we will welcome Jost Capito and Melissa Bridges from Williams F1 Racing followed by a selection of 6 workshops. 

The final day will be a Super Saturday, packed with workshops (9) and activities that will run all day. We will be joined by Marissa Verma in Plenary in the morning and Yael Elish from Stuff that works in the afternoon.

Nourish - a retreat

From Sunday night  (12 September) until Tuesday morning (14 September), join us for a retreat in Perth, location to be confirmed.

Unwind, share a story or a passion, celebrate.

We are a DICE recommended event

We are really proud to be certified by DICE as a recommended event that gives more oxygen to diverse opinions and experiences by ensuring a representative and diverse set of speakers, perspectives, and attendees.

Dave Snowden will join #ACDC2021 and we are very excited!

Be different. Be safe. Be experimental

There has been a shift in the last 12 months in the conversations that are happening on the global stage which have certainly been influenced by the escalation of involvement in political and social movements as well as the increase in polarising opinions and extremism.

We would like to explore this shift with you from your role as a Change professional through our theme for #acdc2021: Steering into and Embracing Complexity and to consider how we navigate the true challenge of change with intention and direction.

Change Days 2021


What do we have planned for our second year?

2020 and 2021 are challenging us all. For those working in the field of change, whether as an activist, facilitator, change manager or a leader, it feels as though everything is becoming more complex. 

What if we steer into and embrace complexity?

How might we navigate the true challenge of change with intention and direction?

Come and join us in September as we explore this.

What did the #ACDC2020 participants have to say?

Being among change-makers inspires me to re-think myself, my practice and the way I facilitate the way forward.

Jeffer London

The conference is amazing and such a richness of insight and generosity. Thanks so much to you and the team for everything you have put into making it an amazing event. One thing I have had chance to reflect upon over the last two days is the importance of grounding my sense of purpose and keeping a level of resilience if I’m to make the best of it. I just wanted you to know how impactful the conference has been for me. 🙏

Jayne Dunne

What a fabulous few days at Australasian Change Days. I was curious beforehand about how spending an entire weekend on Zoom was going to work but the organising team did an amazing job of living up to the theme of #buildingconnectedness.
Great effort Sarah and Myah and team! Engaging and inspiring speakers, innovative use of technology and a great bunch of people. I laughed and cried my way through many of the sessions (and even cried with laughter – thanks Tanya and David!) and felt truly connected. Also love that the team have planned to continue the connection long term. Thank you for proving that virtual events can be all that and more!

Lauren Pant

Change Days gave me two beautiful gifts! First, a narrative that starts like this – I am a change maker!

I have been doing groundwork to change how education and volunteering system works in developing countries for four years now. But never did I actually label myself as a change maker. Something about the industry seemed distant….but when the BEST CHANGE PRACTITIONERS tell you that you are a change practitioner, you take it!

Second, a deep insight on how I can take Project LEAP forward. This will require a lot of hard work, team formation and the capability to ask the right questions but I am determined!

Thank you my beautiful community of change-whatever’s! We got this, together.

Sakshi Bansal

Congratulations! Thank you for creating this space to #engage virtually in well facilitated sessions by thought provoking speakers. What made this event special is the #insights and #connections with fellow participants. To being courageous!

Anja Hennig

What an amazing weekend! From the awesome kick off event on Friday evening through to the close on Sunday, the first ever Australasian Change Days event was everything I had hoped for! An array of informative, engaging and humble presenters and stimulating, honest and open attendees, made the event a game changer!

Anna Skelton

This weekend was Australasian Change Days Conference #australasianchangedays. The conference was intended to be a physical event in Perth, Western Australia, but due to COVID it went virtual.

I had assumed a virtual conference was not going to be a better experience than a physical conference. I don’t know why. I had never attended a virtual conference of this length before.

My assumption was wrong. This was one of the best experiences.
An interactive PDF had links to a preview of each session (1-minute video overview from the facilitator) and a Zoom link to attend the workshop. No conference brochure, pull-out timetable and room location map to navigate and work out where you needed to be.

If anyone did get lost they just clicked the Zoom link for Plenary where they could get help to where they wanted to be or just hang out around the virtual campfire with others.

Each workshop had breakout rooms. By the end of the conference I was going into a breakout room with friends as opposed to attendees.

The physical events I have attended have not had as much attendee interaction as this one. No travel. No spartan hotel room.

Bravo to Sarah Glenister and her team. Can we do it again?

Karen Ferris

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