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Change Days

September 11 – 13

Virtual conference – join from everywhere!

About Australasian Change Days

see how great a virtual event can be


Do you lead change or strive to make a difference?

What if we bring our collective effort to bear in new ways to address increasingly complex challenges?

Somewhere between a conference and a festival is the space for Change Days.

Come and be a part of the first Australasian Change Days virtually!

The Australasian Change Days Community (ACDC) will

•  Provide a unique space and opportunity for people who are passionate about change to: connect, share, debate, learn and evolve the practice of Change Management.

•  Be a place where participants share and learn from and with an inclusive, evidence-based community of practice, looking to experiment with leading edge approaches to lead change in organisations and communities

•  Invite participants to create connections with others based on shared values

•  Give space and time to foster new connections (making friends) and nurturing existing connections (strengthening existing friendships)

Ready to join us?

Why come?

You will be part of a generous community with many opportunities to chat to experienced change people about your project or challenges.

We will be holding workshops on a range of aspects of connectedness as well as hands-on sessions where participants will learn great techniques to:

  • Develop their understanding of an uncertain world and how to navigate this effectively, individually and as a practitioner
  • Understand and develop their own self-awareness and daily practices from meditation through to the (literal) hands on skills of cartooning for change
  • Access tools and techniques that will help them to design change initiatives with the end in mind
  • Understand how to utilise disruption as an opportunity to create greater connectedness
  • Learn how to identify, understand and harness resilience and vulnerability
  • How to leverage the power of dialogue to drive broader connectedness
  • Techniques and tools to improve skills and confidence in connecting with others – both face to face and virtually

We have an amazing line-up of local, interstate and international facilitators, it’s going to be great.

We are more connected and more

fragmented than ever before

Absorbed by light

Three figures sit next to each other on a bench, displaying the typical characteristics of smartphone users: their heads are bent, fingers typing and swiping, and their faces are lit up by their phone screens. While their bodies are physically present, their minds are elsewhere.

‘Absorbed by Light’, designed by the British Gali May Lucas and executed by Berlin-based sculptor Karoline Hinz.

The phone and computer screens that, literally and figuratively, light up our lives are irresistible. We read new messages immediately and want easy access to our social media, useful apps, and browser. Our smartphones are with us all the time – in bed, on the toilet, in the train, at our desk. They are an extension of our contact with our families, friends, and even people on the other side of the world. And as a result, we engage ourselves more with the virtual and superficial reality than with each other and the real world around us, something Lucas makes painfully clear. Actively involving the audience in the ‘story’ is a recurring feature in the work of the British artist, who works in Amsterdam as a graphic designer.

Ready to join us?

First Berlin, then Toronto and now in Perth – Change Days 2020

Berlin and Toronto Change Days

The Berlin and the Toronto Change Days will happen simultaneously on Nov 6-8, 2020. The theme will be BUILDING BRIDGES, and our events will explore together deeply how to build bridges for the future. Bridges between the digital and the analogue, agility and waterfall, matrix and functional, change and identity, love and fear, the global and the local level, the generations. Bridges connecting efficiencies and sustainability. Read more and register at https://www.berlinchangedays.com or https://torontochangedays.com.


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