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Welcome to Australasian Change Days (virtual)

Our theme is – Practices, Potential & Play

August 22-24, 2024

Kicking off our 5th year with our Keynote Speaker - Bri Williams

Behavioural Expert and Founder & CEO of People Patterns

Bri Williams is one of Australia’s leading authorities on behavioural influence.

A CPA with a degree in Applied Psychology, Bri founded People Patterns in 2011, a specialist consultancy that helps businesses get staff, customers and stakeholders to take action. Prior to this she worked in finance, HR and product management for some of Australia’s leading brands.

A regular contributor to Smartcompany and host of Talking Talks, Bri has written multiple books including “The Williams Behaviour Book”, “Behavioural Economics for Business” and “The How of Habits” and appears regularly as a presenter, panellist and media commentator.

Check out Bri at her website or on YouTube

From Frameworks to Sense-making - The Six Big Ideas of Adaptive Organizations

Join us for an immersive 3-hour sense-making experience designed to shift your perspective on organizational transformation. This session will introduce you to the 6 Big Ideas of Adaptable Organizations and the Vortex of Behaviour, providing you with big ideas to help you diagnose why your transformation efforts may be stalled and what actionable steps you can take to reinvigorate them.

This session is for advanced change practitioners who want to move beyond best practices, steps and phases and dive into the whitespace of the organization to make meaningful change.

Join us for a Masterclass with Jason Little

This year we are partnering with Ngala


$50 from every ticket sold before July will be donated to a worthy organisation

Why come?

Somewhere between a conference and a festival lies Australasian Change Days, where we gather to delve into the real challenges of change and transformation. Join us in establishing a space for deep conversations, creativity, and practical assistance for those navigating change in public, private, for-purpose organizations, and civil society.

This successful virtual event brings together leaders, facilitators, and participants from all over the world and across Australia, each contributing emerging ideas and practices. And this year, we’re thrilled to expand our offerings to include some in-person elements, enriching the experience even further.

Join our generous community where you’ll have the opportunity to engage in profound discussions, learn new techniques, and expand your network nationally and internationally. With a lineup of local, interstate, and international facilitators, Australasian Change Days promises to be an event like no other, where the richness of insight and generosity within the community truly makes it a game-changer.

What did our participants have to say?

The team curated an event that had new ideas, was interactive, inclusive and fun! Great keynotes and a well curated collection of workshops. Loved, loved, loved.

Myah Rom (2022)

My first CD conference, just what I needed right now – lifted me up, great to share and hear others experiences. Appreciate what the team behind the scenes had to do to make it happen – thank you!

Tracey van-zyl (2022)

This was SO well run. Thank you for bringing this together, it has been so helpful and meant so much to us all. The sense of momentum and community has been FAB.

Michelle Teunis (2023)

Change makers conversations are so very transferable to every setting and every occupation. Greater diversity of engagement is needed – people should enlist!

Kath Ward (2021)

This conference changed me!

This virtual conference was relaxed but so engaging, with a bunch of uber cool, smart and time generous presenters and facilitators. I loved every minute and even though I couldn’t make the final day, I learnt heaps and made some pretty awesome connections. Thank you so much – highly recommend this event for anyone wanting to engage with awesome Change Agents.

Denise Morris (2022)

The conference is amazing and such a richness of insight and generosity. Thanks so much to you and the team for everything you have put into making it an amazing event. One thing I have had chance to reflect upon over the last two days is the importance of grounding my sense of purpose and keeping a level of resilience if I’m to make the best of it. I just wanted you to know how impactful the conference has been for me. 🙏

Jayne Dunne (2020)

Such a fantastic event once again – you managed to exceed all expectations again with an amazingly engaging virtual event full of connection and insight and inspiration. Thanks so much for all your incredibly hard work to pull it off!

Lauren Pant (2021)

The ACDC team did a truly amazing job. Not only did they outdo themselves in every aspect, they also got such good speakers, interesting topics, good workshops and a very well-rounded program for all three days. This is by far the best event that money can buy. Good on you team for making this happen, it’s not easy in regular times let alone during a pandemic. Be proud, be very proud of all you accomplished!

Gilbert Kruidenier (2021)

The event featured some great speakers and facilitators who shared their experiences, knowledge, and talents in all things related to change.

A big shoutout goes to Australasian Change Days Founder and Change Leader Sarah Glenister and to her wonderful team Jo Doyle, Denise Morris, Anja Keyes, Kathy Piestrzynski and Kauri Palmer for organising such an amazing three-day event. I’m already excited for the next one.

Clara Russell (2023)

I feel energized and want to get out tomorrow and apply all the amazing things I learnt, not just from the speakers, but the awesome, generous attendees as well. Talk about a wealth of diverse, global experience!

Amanda Riley (2022)

Congratulations! Thank you for creating this space to #engage virtually in well facilitated sessions by thought provoking speakers. What made this event special is the #insights and #connections with fellow participants. To being courageous!

Anja Hennig (2020)

Extraordinary conference….such a great lineup, wonderful conversations and new ideas!! Thank you !

Russya Connor (2023)

What an amazing weekend! From the awesome kick off event on Friday evening through to the close on Sunday, the first ever Australasian Change Days event was everything I had hoped for! An array of informative, engaging and humble presenters and stimulating, honest and open attendees, made the event a game changer!

Anna Skelton (2020)

The effort that the team and facilitators went through to produce the absolutely successful ACDC2021 event is inspirational. Not only was the event educational and entertaining, it has woken a curiosity in me that has been still for some time. Thank you to the ACDC team, the facilitators and all the incredibly talented people that I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend!

Tina Bennett (2021)

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