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Shifting Balance, Recalibrating Worth

Join us September 9 to 11, 2022

Check out some of our speakers from #acdc2021 below

Change Days 2022


Shifting Balance, Recalibrating Worth

A Global Pandemic arriving in early 2020 has changed everything.

For many of us working in Change, we often get called upon during a crisis.  We know that crisis precipitates many transformations.

This time, we are starting anew as we can’t compare ourselves to a past that no longer exists and now we need to facilitate, or make, decisions using a new formula.


2020 was about Connectedness

2021 was about Complexity

2022 is all about Balance and the recalibration of Worth

Dave Snowden joined #ACDC2021 and provided a very thought provoking start to the event!

Dave’s session – No new normal, had some great feedback!

  • Fantastic to hear Dave Snowden talk about the new theory of change.  Congratulations ACDC Team!
  • Whet my appetite to read more about this stuff. Definitely going to look up the Cynefin framework
  • Thanks Dave, definitely getting us to think outside our normal frames and references. 
  • David’s discussion was educational and thought provoking- an invitation to learn and research.  I was clinging to every word, trying to take notes and only hoping that I can hear it all again in a recording.  Familiarise yourself with David’s work, very thought provoking.
  • Fluid delivery; Many, many new concepts; Entirely different perspective
  • David’s knowledge, his candour and wit is both education and entertaining!  Love the content!
  • Everything – the stories weaved through, information, openness to all kinds of questions.
  • Extremely deep level of experience and sophistication on the topic.

Marissa Verma - Managing Director Bindi Bindi Dreaming

What people loved!

  • So many possibilities for the future!
  • Marissa's passion for her work and sharing her knowledge on medicinal value from bush tucker
  • Everything, the knowledge gained was invaluable, I have already purchased from Trading Blak!
  • Marissa's grounded style and wealth of knowledge - so warm, engaging and inspiring
  • Loved learning about the seasons and about the different foods that are becoming more mainstream, but more importantly her knowledge on supporting local aboriginal communities directly
  • Great energy, so much new information

Rory Sutherland – Vice President Ogilvie Consulting

What people loved:

  • Loved it. So thought provoking
  • Not sure I was smart enough for this session!  So many big ideas.
  • Amazing.  Told great stories, analogies and theory.  Loved it!
  • Rory is totally engaging and interesting with a fabulous message!
  • Rory – you are a bright light in the muddy world.
  • Thought provoking and entertaining, definitely made me want to explore more.
  • Finally I have a permission for not being a compliant bee!

Jost Capito – CEO Williams Formula 1 Racing

Melissa Bridges – Director Transformation Williams Racing

What people loved:

  • The journey and goals are much aligned to most organisations at this time – the need to adapt and extend businesses into different/diverse areas to survive
  • Great inside view of what the world of racing will transform into. I enjoyed the perspectives on team, ego and ethics the most but it was just great stuff from start to finish.
  • Wow!  There is so much more to F1 racing than cars, drivers and mechanics!

Yael Elish – Founder Stuff that Works

What people loved:

  • Stuffthatworks is an innovative solution to a global challenge.  I work in healthcare and I’m going to share this! Fabulous and exciting!
  • Absolutely inspiring!
  • Most great ideas seem obvious in retrospect and this one is truly inspiring  in the way it is designed to maximise smart technology and human caring and curiosity.
  • Simple foundation but brilliantly executed with huge future benefits for chronic illness sufferers. Well done!
  • Changed the way I think about my project and approach. Clarity of vision, simplicity in method, and the compelling call to action are beautifully seen here – and it has shifted my personal practice.

What did our participants have to say?

Change makers conversations are so very transferable to every setting and every occupation. Greater diversity of engagement is needed – people should enlist!

Kath Ward (2021)

The conference is amazing and such a richness of insight and generosity. Thanks so much to you and the team for everything you have put into making it an amazing event. One thing I have had chance to reflect upon over the last two days is the importance of grounding my sense of purpose and keeping a level of resilience if I’m to make the best of it. I just wanted you to know how impactful the conference has been for me. 🙏

Jayne Dunne (2020)

Such a fantastic event once again – you managed to exceed all expectations again with an amazingly engaging virtual event full of connection and insight and inspiration. Thanks so much for all your incredibly hard work to pull it off!

Lauren Pant (2021)

The ACDC team did a truly amazing job. Not only did they outdo themselves in every aspect, they also got such good speakers, interesting topics, good workshops and a very well-rounded program for all three days. This is by far the best event that money can buy. Good on you team for making this happen, it’s not easy in regular times let alone during a pandemic. Be proud, be very proud of all you accomplished!

Gilbert Kruidenier (2021)

Congratulations! Thank you for creating this space to #engage virtually in well facilitated sessions by thought provoking speakers. What made this event special is the #insights and #connections with fellow participants. To being courageous!

Anja Hennig (2020)

What an amazing weekend! From the awesome kick off event on Friday evening through to the close on Sunday, the first ever Australasian Change Days event was everything I had hoped for! An array of informative, engaging and humble presenters and stimulating, honest and open attendees, made the event a game changer!

Anna Skelton (2020)

The effort that the team and facilitators went through to produce the absolutely successful ACDC2021 event is inspirational. Not only was the event educational and entertaining, it has woken a curiosity in me that has been still for some time. Thank you to the ACDC team, the facilitators and all the incredibly talented people that I had the pleasure of meeting this weekend!

Tina Bennett (2021)

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Change their minds and change the world

Change that matters owner Sarah Glenister, is the Founder of Australasian Change Days and is determined to change the world.  Collaboration and co-creation are essential to have impact especially in areas that have no easy solution, a major driver and principle of Change Days.

Supporting Leaders to Navigate Organisation-wide Transformation

Change Optimised nurtures thriving and growing organisations working with entrepreneurial leaders and their teams to develop a purpose-driven and accessible workplace where people perform at their best.  Our coaching, learning and mentoring programmes help everyone in the organisation thrive and use their natural genius and talents.

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We clarify the complexities of organisational change using engaging videos and visuals that bring change to life. Whether it's an organisation-wide transformation, that key initiative everyone talks about or a tech-heavy IT project, we've helped them all to 'get visual' and share their key messages.