Bri Williams

Keynote speaker – The Behavioural Science of Influencing Action

Bri Williams is one of Australia’s leading authorities on behavioural influence.

A CPA with a degree in Applied Psychology, Bri founded People Patterns in 2011, a specialist consultancy that helps businesses get staff, customers and stakeholders to take action. Prior to this she worked in finance, HR and product management for some of Australia’s leading brands.

A regular contributor to Smartcompany and host of Talking Talks, Bri has written multiple books including “The Williams Behaviour Book”, “Behavioural Economics for Business” and “The How of Habits” and appears regularly as a presenter, panellist and media commentator.

A bit about her keynote

A challenge for change leaders is being valued for what we do. In this session, Bri Williams, one of Australia’s leading authorities on influencing action, will share how to use behavioural science to not only change the behaviour of people within organisations, but influence how people value and buy your services.

You’ll learn:

  • Common mistakes people make when trying to influence action
  • How to convince clients they have a gap in what they know
  • How to anticipate and address three barriers to change

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