Esther Stanhope

Why you need to be more visible and get your voice heard

Once a terrified public speaker herself, Esther Stanhope is now a professional keynote speaker, award winning author of Goodbye Glossophobia – Banish your fear of public speaking’, and a former BBC Producer who helps leaders and professionals all over the world to speak with more presence and impact.

Esther’s worked with prime ministers and clients from Deloitte, Barclays and the British Army to nail their speeches, win pitches and overcome panel nerves. She’s published several eBooks and audiobooks with Bookboon and has her own podcast series ‘Virtually Confident’. featuring many expert women in finance and leadership including Vanessa Vallely OBE and psychotherapist (former TV personality) Melinda Messenger.

Married to film producer, Adam Stanhope, she has 2 children, a cat, and lives in Spitalfields, London.

Come along to her workshop – 

If you are technically brilliant at your job but struggle to be recognised for all your efforts…this is for you.

In this workshop, Esther will show you how to be Visibly Brilliant.  It’s all about attracting your audiences to you (could be your boss or a new client) full of practical tips including how to

  • build inner confidence to be yourself
  • maxmise your talent
  • combat fear of judgement, imposter syndrome and self-sabotage
  • speak in public and shine in the spotlight! (Yes you can do it)
  • How to “get yourself out there” even when you’re WFH

        This is not about social media it’s about you being successful in your field YOUR way. No pouting at the camera here!

        Take aways – tips and tricks to “get yourself out there” so you are seen as a thought leader, not a blagger, a show off or a Social Media hack.


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