James Healy

The Behaviour Factory: Culture Change Beyond Shared Values

James co-founded and leads Deloitte’s global Behaviour First offering, practically applying insights from Anthropology, Behavioural Economics, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Sociology to help organisations address their most critical challenges. He has extensive experience leading behavioural, cultural and technological transformation in global organisations. He’s led projects in more than 60 countries on 6 continents in industries including banking, insurance, mining, oil & gas, construction, transportation, government, education, health, human services, and aged care. 

James hosts The The B-Word podcast, a podcast featuring leading figures from the social and behavioural sciences exploring what it means to be human and how organisations can better understand and influence behaviour. James co-authored the book The Future of Change Management , bringing new perspectives from behavioural science, neuroscience, neurodiversity, mental health, people analytics, and GenAI to change the way that organisations think about change and culture.

What his workshop is about

The concept of shared values has conquered the world. Every organisation large or small feels the need to publish a handful of pithy buzzwords articulating their commitment to a set of asinine, common sense concepts that no-one in their right mind could disagree with. 

For many organisations, “”culture”” consists of posters declaring these values and periodic surveys asking employees how well the values are lived. This approach rests on some implicit assumptions about humans and human nature that we all tend to share. Unfortunately those assumptions are false.  

Behavioural Science provides alternative approaches to more effectively understand and influence behaviour at scale and change oganisational culture

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