Kerryn Miller, Steven McInnes & Mary Ferguson

Lifting the veil on the Enneagram: Reviving ancient wisdom for personal and organisational transformation.

Mary Ferguson

As an executive coach, enneagram coach supervisor and leadership wellbeing facilitator, Mary has been providing C-suite executive coaching and intact team / leadership and culture facilitation since 2006. She works with a broad range of clients including ASX, large private companies and NGO/public agencies in Australia and internationally. Mary has been a student of the Enneagram for more than 20 years and brings the depth of this map for human potential into her coaching and teaching practice. She works with her supervisor Belinda Gore PhD., with a particular interest in Object Relations and the Enneagram. Mid-career she took a break from corporate life to deepen her understanding of meditation and personal development inquiry and recently completed her second solo outback mindfulness meditation retreat because she draws strength and inspiration from her connection with nature.

Kerryn Miller

As a registered Organisational Psychologist, executive coach, professional supervisor (of coaches and psychologists) and leadership team facilitator, Kerryn partners with organisations, alliances, and executives across the globe to build capability and impact that is systemic and sustainable. She co-creates coaching experiences that resource leaders to make sense of the complex interplay of personal, relational, and organisational challenges. Kerryn has introduced peer coaching practices to private, public and not for profit organisations in Australia and beyond, including South East Asia, Antarctica, Helsinki, Berlin and Toronto. Through crafting a psychologically safe space to share thoughts, test ideas, co-enquire, challenge beliefs and integrate insights, executives are enabled to shape, influence and transform connections with self, others and the broader system. Incorporating Enneagram intensive training in London last year has taken Kerryn’s coaching impact to a new level.

Steven McInnes

As PiqueGlobal’s Director of Facilitation, Steven has been working with Organisations and Executive Teams to support their work on strategy execution, leadership and organisational culture in times of change. He uses his 20 plus years experience in facilitation, plus his integration of Gestalt principles and practices to guide and influence his work with individuals and teams. He also applies this to collaboration across value chains, research and industry partners as they meet the challenges of disruption and transformation.

About this workshop – 

Designed for Change practitioners, this event promises an introductory journey into the Enneagram’s profound insights and practical applications for individuals, teams, and organisations. Our intention is to evoke curiosity and make connections in a relaxed and playful way. Whether you are new or familiar with the Enneagram, we will explore the three Centres of Intelligence – head, heart, and gut – to harness the timeless wisdom of this map of human consciousness for individual, leadership and team coaching interventions. Join PiqueGlobal’s Mary, Kerryn and Steven as we explore some of the foundational concepts that underpin the Enneagram and build a sense of how it can be applied in 1:1 and team coaching contexts to transform individual and organisational wellbeing. Organisations are turning to this ancient map of human consciousness to navigate the complexities of our times, with profound insights and practical applications for individuals, teams, and organisations. Mary, Kerryn and Steven work together as experienced executive coaches and are delighted to lead this playful and informal session.

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