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Deepening connections with Gestalt: Discover awareness & balance of your Contact Styles to awaken your unknowns (with Steven McInnes)

Kerryn Miller is Partner and Director of Coaching at PiqueGlobal – a consulting organisation that is the daring choice for senior Australasian leaders who want to courageously transform themselves, their teams and their communities. Kerryn works with executives and organisations across the globe to build capability that is systemic and sustainable. She co-creates both ‘in the room’ and ‘virtual’ 1:1 and team coaching experiences that enable leaders to make sense of and manage the complex interplay of relational, personal and organisational challenges that impact performance and wellbeing.  As Co-Chair of the ​​Victorian community of the Association for Coaching, Kerryn hosts a quarterly corporate roundtable – an intimate gathering for corporate leaders across Australia’s private, public and not for profit sectors, offering a chance to connect, explore strategies and share experiences to promote coaching best practice in organisations.  As a registered Organisational Psychologist and Australian Psychology-Board endorsed supervisor and trainer of psychologists and supervisors, Kerryn’s practice model is informed by evidence-based, holistic approaches to human and organisational behaviour. She draws on a deep well of leadership and coaching experience in forging psychologically safe learning spaces that resource senior leaders and their teams to navigate the ever-increasing demands on their work and life roles with humanity, agility, courage and confidence.

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Change that matters owner Sarah Glenister, is the Founder of Australasian Change Days and is determined to change the world.  Collaboration and co-creation are essential to have impact especially in areas that have no easy solution, a major driver and principle of Change Days.

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