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Dr. Russya Connor is  a coach, lecturer and Dramatherapist and TedX speaker. With a diverse background as an award-winning international performer, she became interested in the transformative potential of the arts, and working as drama therapist, has gained significant experience in encouraging change and creativity in a diverse range of communities and sectors (Prisons, Indigenous communities, Drug and Alcohol, Arts & Media). She also lectures at Edith Cowan University of Melbourne and Murdoch University and helps executives, and their teams develop creativity, innovation, and leadership capabilities. 

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Change that matters owner Sarah Glenister, is the Founder of Australasian Change Days and is determined to change the world.  Collaboration and co-creation are essential to have impact especially in areas that have no easy solution, a major driver and principle of Change Days.

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We clarify the complexities of organisational change using engaging videos and visuals that bring change to life. Whether it's an organisation-wide transformation, that key initiative everyone talks about or a tech-heavy IT project, we've helped them all to 'get visual' and share their key messages.

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